The following example shows how to return the position in the presentation space of the last character of the field.

// ECLField::GetEnd
// Iterate over list of fields and print each field
// starting pos, row, col, and ending pos, row, col.
void Sample34() {
ECLPS        *pPS;           // Pointer to PS object
ECLFieldList *pFieldList;    // Pointer to field list object
ECLField     *pField;        // Pointer to field object
try {
  pPS = new ECLPS('A');                // Create PS object for 'A'
  pFieldList = pPS->GetFieldList();    // Get pointer to field list
  pFieldList->Refresh();               // Build the field list
  printf("Start(Pos,Row,Col)  End(Pos,Row,Col) Length(Len)\n");
  for (pField = pFieldList->GetFirstField();      // First field
    pField != NULL;                               // While more
    pField = pFieldList->GetNextField(pField)) {  // Next field
    printf("Start(%04lu,%04lu,%04lu)  End(%04lu,%03lu,%04lu)
      pField->GetStart(), pField->GetStartRow(),
      pField->GetEnd(), pField->GetEndRow(),
      pField->GetEndCol(), pField->GetLength());
  delete pPS;
catch (ECLErr Err) {
  printf("ECL Error: %s\n", Err.GetMsgText());
} // end sample