Usage Notes

You must initially set the connection for the object you create. Use SetConnectionByName or SetConnectionByHandle to initialize your object. The connection can be set only once. After the connection is set, any further calls to the set connection methods cause an exception. If you do not set the connection and try to access a property or method, an exception is raised.

The properties CPI, LPI, and FontSize are dependent on the property FaceName. Therefore, if CPI, LPI, or FontSize are set before the FaceName is set, and if they are not valid for the new FaceName, different CPI, LPI, or FontSize values might be reconfigured in the connection. You should set the FaceName before setting the CPI, LPI, or FontSize. Otherwise, every time you set FaceName, query CPI, LPI, and FontSize and make sure that they have the desired values.