This is the title that is currently in the title bar for the connection associated with the autECLWinMetrics object. This property may be both changed and retrieved. WindowTitle is a String data type and is read/write enabled. The following example shows this process. The following example shows this property.

Dim  autECLWinObj as Object
Dim  ConnList as Object
Dim  WinTitle as String
Set autECLWinObj = CreateObject("ZIEWin.autECLWinMetrics")
Set ConnList = CreateObject("ZIEWin.autECLConnList")
' Initialize the connection
WinTitle = autECLWinObj.WindowTitle 'get the window title
' or...
autECLWinObj.WindowTitle = "Flibberdeejibbet" 'set the window title