At a high level, HACL provides a number of features not available at the EHLLAPI level. There are also a few features of EHLLAPI not currently implemented in any HACL class.

HACL unique features include:
  • Connection (session) start/stop functions
  • Event notification for host communications link connect/disconnect
  • Event notification for connection (session) start/stop
  • Comprehensive error trapping
  • Generation of language-specific error message text
  • No architectural limit to the number of connections (sessions); currently, Z and I Emulator for Windows is limited to 52
  • Support for multiple concurrent connections (sessions) and multithreaded applications
  • Row/column addressing for host presentation space
  • Simplified model for presentation space
  • Automatic generation of list of fields and attributes
  • Keyword-based function key strings
EHLLAPI features not currently implemented in the HACL include:
  • Structured field support
  • OIA character images
  • Lock/unlock presentation space