ECLPrinterSettings Methods

The following sections describe the methods that are valid for the ECLPrinterSettings class.

ECLPrinterSettings(char Name)
ECLPrinterSettings(long Handle)
void SetPDTMode(BOOL PDTMode=TRUE, const char*const PDTFile = NULL)
const char *GetPDTFile() const
BOOL IsPDTMode() const
ECLPrinterSettings::PrintMode GetPrintMode() const
void SetPrtToDskAppend(const char *const FileName = NULL)
const char *GetPrtToDskAppendFile()
void SetPrtToDskSeparate(const char *const FileName = NULL)
const char *GetPrtToDskSeparateFile()
void SetSpecificPrinter(const char *const PrinterName)
void SetWinDefaultPrinter()
const char*GetPrinterName()
void SetPromptDialog(BOOL Prompt=TRUE)
BOOL IsPromptDialogEnabled()