autECLSession Class

The autECLSession object provides general emulator related services and contains pointers to other key objects in the Host Access Class Library. Its name in the registry is ZIEWin.autECLSession.

Although the objects that autECLSession contains are capable of standing on their own, pointers to them exist in the autECLSession class. When an autECLSession object is created, autECLPS, autECLOIA, autECLXfer, autECLWindowMetrics, autECLPageSettings, and autECLPrinterSettings objects are also created. Refer to them as you would any other property.

  1. The current version of this object is 1.2. There are two versions of this object; their ProgIDs in the registry are ZIEWin.autECLSession.1 and ZIEWin.autECLSession.2. The version-independent ProgID is ZIEWin.autECLSession. The ZIEWin.autECLSession.1 object does not support the properties autECLPageSettings and autECLPrinterSettings.
  2. You must initially set the connection for the object you create. Use SetConnectionByName or SetConnectionByHandle to initialize your object. The connection can be set only once. After the connection is set, any further calls to the SetConnection methods cause an exception. If you do not set the connection and try to access an autECLSession property or method, an exception is also raised.
The following example shows how to create and set the autECLSession object in Visual Basic.
DIM  SessObj as Object
Set SessObj = CreateObject("ZIEWin.autECLSession")
' Initialize the session
' For example, set the host window to minimized
SessObj.autECLWinMetrics.Minimized = True