Event Processing Example

The following is a short example of how to implement Xfer Events

Option Explicit
Private WithEvents mXfer As autECLXfer 'AutXfer added as reference
sub main()
'Create Objects
Set mXfer = New autECLXfer
mXfer.SetConnectionByName "A" 'Monitor Session A
mXfer.RegisterCommEvent ' register for Communications Link updates for session A
' Display your form or whatever here  (this should be a blocking call, otherwise sub just ends
call DisplayGUI()
set mXfer= Nothing
End Sub
'This sub will get called when the Communication Link Status of the registered
'connection changes
Private Sub mXfer _NotifyCommEvent()
' do your processing here 
End Sub
'This event occurs if an error happens in Communications Link event processing 
Private Sub mXfer _NotifyCommError()
'Do any error processing here
End Sub
'This event occurs when Communications Status Notification ends
Private Sub mXfer _NotifyCommStop()
'Do any stop processing here
End Sub