autECLScreenReco Class

The autECLScreenReco class is the engine for the Host Access Class Library screen recognition system. It contains the methods for adding and removing descriptions of screens. It also contains the logic for recognizing those screens and for asynchronously calling back to your event handler code for those screens.

Think of an object of the autECLScreenReco class as a unique recognition set. The object can have multiple autECLPS objects that it watches for screens, and multiple screens to look for, and when it sees a registered screen in any of the added autECLPS objects it will fire event handling code defined in your application.

All you need to do is set up your autECLScreenReco objects at the start of your application, and when any screen appears in any autECLPS that you want to monitor, your event code will get called by autECLScreenReco. You do absolutely no legwork in monitoring screens.

See Event Processing Example for an example.