Sendkeys Mnemonic Keywords

Table 1 contains the mnemonic keywords for the Sendkeys method.
Table 1. Mnemonic Keywords for the Sendkeys Method
Keyword Description
[backtab] Back tab
[clear] Clear screen
[delete] Delete
[enter] Enter
[eraseeof] Erase end of field
[help] Help
[insert] Insert
[jump] Jump
[left] Left
[newline] New line
[space] Space
[print] Print
[reset] Reset
[tab] Tab
[up] Up
[Down] Down
[capslock] CapsLock
[right] Right
[home] Home
[pf1] PF2
[pf2] PF2
[pf3] PF3
[pf4] PF4
[pf5] PF5
[pf6] PF6
[pf7] PF7
[pf8] PF8
[pf9] PF9
[pf10] PF10
[pf11] PF11
[pf12] PF12
[pf13] PF13
[pf14] PF14
[pf15] PF15
[pf16] PF16
[pf17] PF17
[pf18] PF18
[pf19] PF19
[pf20] PF20
[pf21] PF21
[pf22] PF22
[pf23] PF23
[pf24] PF24
[eof] End of file
[scrlock] Scroll Lock
[numlock] Num Lock
[pageup] Page Up
[pagedn] Page Down
[pa1] PA 1
[pa2] PA 2
[pa3] PA 3
[test] Test
[worddel] Word Delete
[fldext] Field Exit
[erinp] Erase Input
[sysreq] System Request
[instog] Insert Toggle
[crsel] Cursor Select
[fastleft] Cursor Left Fast
[attn] Attention
[devcance] Device Cancel
[printps] Print Presentation Space
[fastup] Cursor Up Fast
[fastdown] Cursor Down Fast
[hex] Hex
[fastright] Cursor Right Fast
[revvideo] Reverse Video
[underscr] Underscore
[rstvideo] Reset Reverse Video
[red] Red
[pink] Pink
[green] Green
[yellow] Yellow
[blue] Blue
[turq] Turquoise
[white] White
[rstcolor] Reset Host Color
[printpc] Print (PC)
[wordright] Forward Word Tab
[wordleft] Backward Word Tab
[field-] Field -
[field+] Field +
[rcdbacksp] Record Backspace
[printhost] Print Presentation Space on Host
[dup] Dup
[fieldmark] Field Mark
[dispsosi] Display SO/SI
[gensosi] Generate SO/SI
[dispattr] Display Attribute
[fwdchar] Forward Character
[splitbar] Split Vertical Bar
[altcsr] Alternate Cursor
[backspace] Backspace
[null] Null