Session Parameters

These parameters correspond to setup choices on a VT340 terminal.

In the Online state, the emulator receives data from the host computer, and can send data to it. In the Local state, data you enter on the keyboard appears on the screen, but is not sent to the host; data from the host is held, and not presented on the screen until you change the state to Online.
Operating Mode
Select Char if the host does not echo the characters you type on your keyboard. The VT emulator displays them as it sends them to the host.

Select Echo if the host echos your keyboard characters for display. The VT emulator displays them only as they return from the host.

If you see doubled characters, you should select Echo instead of Char. Echo is the default.

Machine Mode
There are four machine modes. These are:
VT340 mode, with 7-bit controls
This is the default. This mode is recommended for most applications.
VT340 mode, with 8-bit controls
The emulator is set for an 8-bit environment with 8-bit controls.
VT100 mode
This mode is intended for situations requiring strict compatibility with the VT100 terminal. In general, the VT340 7-bit mode is appropriate for applications that expect a VT100.
VT52 mode
This mode is only for applications designed for the VT52 terminal.
Screen Size
You can choose the number of rows and columns that the session screen displays. The choices are
  • Rows: 24, 36, 48, 72, and 144
  • Columns: 80 and 132
The defaults are 24 rows and 80 columns.
Type of Host Code-Page
The choices are for the host code page are National, PC, and Multinational. Multinational which selects the 8–bit DEC Supplemental Graphic Character Set is the default. If you select National, then you must select a country from the Host Code Page pull-down list. The PC option selects the PC Code Page 437.
ISO Latin 9 (ISO 8859-15) character set support for ASCII (VT) sessions
Support of the ISO Latin 9 (ISO 8859-15) character set is available for ASCII (VT) sessions.