VT Emulation

For connection to ASCII hosts, Z and I Emulator for Windows provides the VT Emulator for VT340, VT100, and VT52 terminals. ASCII hosts commonly use these terminal control sequences as standards for session presentation, and many ASCII-host application programs assume a VT-compatible terminal. VT emulation allows your personal computer or workstation to operate as if it were a VT terminal. Software that is designed to operate a VT340, VT100, or VT52 terminal should work correctly with the Z and I Emulator for Windows VT emulator.

Although the keyboard layout on VT terminals is similar to that of the personal computer, there are some exceptions. See Default Key Functions for the VT Emulator Layout for the default mapping of keys for VT emulation.

For file transfer to and from ASCII hosts, using the XMODEM and YMODEM protocols, see Using XMODEM and YMODEM.

VT connections to non-ASCII hosts, such as the IBM® zSeries are also possible if you have the appropriate communication devices.