Trace Facility

The Z and I Emulator for Windows trace facility enables you to log trace information for certain Z and I Emulator for Windows functions.

To start a trace, perform the following steps:
  1. From the Administrative and PD Aids folder, click Trace Facility; or, from an active session, click Actions → Launch → Trace Facility. The trace status on the title bar displays the current state:
    Trace data is being collected by the trace facility.
    No trace data is being collected.
  2. From the main dialog box, click Set Up to set the desired trace system parameters.
  3. Click OK to return to the main trace dialog box.
  4. From the main trace dialog box, select the type of data you want to trace from the Function Name, Component Name, and Trace Option list boxes.
    Function Name
    A specific set of Z and I Emulator for Windows features, such as 3270/5250 Emulator or User Services.
    Component Name
    The name of a specific part of a function, such as API data (for the 5250 Emulator function) or Node Initialization (for the User Services function).
    Trace Options
    The options associated with a particular component, such as EHLLAPI (for the API component) or API trace (for the Node Initialization component).
  5. Start tracing data by clicking Start, or apply changes to the trace options by clicking Apply.
  6. Run the operation that you want to trace.
  7. Optionally, stop the trace by clicking Stop.
  8. Save the trace data to your hard disk by clicking Save.
  9. Click Format to specify a formatted trace file name and to format the trace data. The Information Bundler utility should be used immediately after the trace is complete to ensure that the correct information is gathered.
    Note: If you have changed the default path for the formatted trace file, the Information Bundler will not find the trace information. Copy the trace files to the system-class application data directory.
  10. Click OK.
  11. Click Clear to clear the trace buffer where you saved a trace.
  12. Use the log viewer to view the formatted trace log.