Sending Files to the Host System

To send a file from your workstation to the host system:
  1. Sign on to the host system.
  2. Click Send File to Host from the Actions menu of the session window. (You can also select the Send button on the tool bar.)

    The Send File to Host window opens.

  3. Specify the name of the workstation file to be sent to the host system by entering the name in the PC File text box, or click the Browse button to open a dialog box for selecting the file.
  4. Enter the name under which the file will be stored on the host; then enter or select the Transfer Type. If a template is provided for the file type you are transferring, the host file name and the transfer type appear automatically.
    Using List Files: Select Open List; then select the list to be used for transfer. See Creating List Files for details of how to create list files.
  5. Click Send.

    The file is sent to the host system. The send status appears in the Send a File Status window.