Saving a Transfer Request

Save a transfer request when the request is likely to be executed repeatedly. This eliminates the need to create a transfer request every time data is to be transferred. To save a transfer request, do as follows:
  1. Specify the information needed for transfer, using the PC→iSeries Transfer window.
  2. After specifying the necessary information, click Save or Save As from the File menu.

    The Save Transfer Request File As window opens.

  3. Specify each item, referring to the following explanation, then click OK.
    File Name
    Disk to which data is to be saved. Specify a file name or diskette file name. The default extension is TFR. Extension TFR identifies a file as a transfer request file.
    This item can be used to add an additional explanation of a transfer request, as required. The explanation can be up to 40 characters in length. This explanation is saved with the transfer request, and displayed in the list of transfer request names. It is, therefore, useful for identifying a transfer request.
  4. The system asks whether the saved transfer request is to be registered in the PC400 folder.

    When you click OK, the transfer request is registered as an icon. Subsequently selecting this icon transfers data according to the contents of the registered data transfer request.