Using CICS RECEIVE with the Z and I Emulator for Windows Command Line

Use the following information when receiving files from CICS using the Z and I Emulator for Windows command line:

Figure 1 shows the command and information you must provide. Enter it as shown (including parentheses), except that you can use either uppercase or lowercase.
  1. blank space character means to insert a space. There must not be a space between h: and fn.
Figure 1. CICS RECEIVE Command Syntax
The workstation drive and path where the file is to be received.
The name of the workstation file.
The short name of the host session (h:) from which you are receiving the file, the host file name (fn), and the file type (ft).
Optional changes made to the file during transfer. More than one option can be specified. Valid options are:
  • BINARY (for SBCS sessions)
  • CRLF
  • NOCRLF (for SBCS sessions)
  • TIME(n)
Note: The default options for SBCS sessions are ASCII and CRLF.