Import/Export (3270 CICS Only)

Import/Export is an office system communication program and an application program executed under the IBM Customer Information Control System (CICS).

Clicking Import/Export loads a module into workstation memory. You can then start Import or Export from a menu on the host screen.

When you export a document from the host, the workstation receives two files: one is the file itself, and the other is the interchange document profile (IDP) file, which contains document header information.

When you Import a file to a host system, it must be accompanied by an IDP file of the same name. If the necessary IDP file does not exist, you can create it as described in idp.html#idp.

To transmit files using Import/Export:
  1. Verify that the window of the host session is active and ready for file transfer.
  2. Click Import/Export from the Actions menu of the session window.

    The minimized Import/Export Status window opens.

  3. Click Import or Export from the host application menu.
  4. Specify the host and workstation file names of the file to be transferred. Run Import or Export.

    When Import or Export starts, the Import/Export Status window is maximized.

    After the file is transferred, the window is closed.