Page Header and Footer Parameters

You create your own header and footer, and save up to five header and five footer configurations. Apply a saved header or footer by selecting it from the drop-down list.
  1. A custom header or footer is associated with the specific session. A newly configured session will not have a header or footer.
  2. If BestFit is enabled, the header and footer will be truncated at the Maximum Print Position (MPP), as determined by the BestFit parameters. You can allow multiple lines to prevent truncation (from the Advanced options).
To add items to a custom header or footer, do the following:
  1. Select the desired alignment for the item (Left, Center, or Right).
  2. Double-click on the item in the Choices box.

    The item is added to the alignment box.

You can manually reorder the items in an alignment box. Remove an item by manually deleting it from the box.

You can set the following parameters by selecting the Header and Footer tab.