PC File Transfer with the CRLF Option

If the CRLF option is specified, the transfer program checks for new-line characters. If the record length is reached before a new-line character is found, the record is divided at this point; one sentence of a workstation file will become two or more records. Particularly, specify a sufficiently long record length when retransmitting a workstation file containing 2-byte characters.

By default, the message records segmented. is not displayed. To display the message, do the following:
  1. Look for the profile for the session you will use. Normally, this will be in the application data directory under the name filename.WS (filename is a user-specified file name).
  2. Use an editor to insert the following sentence into the [Transfer] section. If there is no [Transfer] section, first enter [Transfer]. Be careful to enter it correctly.
The next time the session is started, this specification becomes active.