Enabling Programmed Symbol Sets

PC/3270 provides up to six sets of triple-plane programmed symbols, depending on the type of graphics support that you choose. By default:
  • Two sets (PSA and PSB) of single-plane programmed symbols are usable if you choose both programmed symbols and vector graphics.
  • Three sets (PSA, PSB, and PSE) of single-plane programmed symbols and three sets (PSC, PSD, and PSF) of triple-plane programmed symbols are usable if you choose programmed symbols, but not vector graphics.
You can change the number of programmed-symbol sets and triple or single planes available for each programmed-symbol set by editing the [3270] section of the workstation profile:
Each x represents a number (0, 1, or 3) that indicates how many planes are to be available for each set; the first column indicates the number of planes for PSA, the second column for PSB, and so on. For example, to enable six triple-plane programmed symbol sets, enter the following:
To enable two single-plane and two triple-plane sets, enter the following: