Hole in Screen Caused by Clearing a Graphic Character

When a character overlaps a graphic image, the graphic image is cleared at the position where the character is to be displayed. When you enter a null character or space having the transparent attribute at the position where a graphic image is displayed, the graphic image in that character cell is not cleared.

If you select Host or Retained to set Redraw on the Display Setup window, when characters in a graphic image are cleared, a hole appears in the graphic area. This is because these two modes do not have a bitmap image, and partial redrawing cannot be performed on the screen.

If you select Bitmap mode as Redraw Graphics, you can find no hole on the graphic region by the application that overrides any alphanumeric characters (as well as NULL and SPACE) on the graphic image.

To restore the screen, perform either of the following actions:
  • Press the PA3 key to have the application program redraw the screen.
  • Minimize and restore the graphic image retained in Retained mode, then redraw it or select Bitmap mode.
Note: When you change the setting of Redraw in the Display Setup window, the set contents are valid from the next drawing.