Print Buffer Size

The retained buffer must be used for printing. The retained buffer is the same size as that used for redrawing. This is also applied when you specified Bit Map for Redraw on the Display Setup window.

If graphic printing is called in Bitmap mode, the graphic printing module generates a bitmap compatible with the connected printer, draws an image on the bitmap, and transfers the bit image to the printer.

This operation is generally performed quickly. When memory is frequently swapped, the process slows down in proportion to the number of swap operations. If a large bit map is not allocated, the graphic printing module prints a graphic image normally using only the retained buffer.


Proprinter (240x144 DPI) character size:
Bitmap size = (240x8) x (144x11) x 1 x 1 / 8 = 380 KB


EPSON (ESC/P) (360x180 DPI color) character size:
Bitmap size = (360x8.5) x (180x11) x 3 x 1 / 8 = 2.3 MB

Note: With some printers, different printing results might be obtained in bitmap mode and non-bitmap mode. If the desired results are not obtained, change the current bitmap mode. For example, specify non-bitmap mode to print in bitmap mode.