Word wrap

You can enable this function by adding the keyword DocmodeWordWrap=Y to the .WS session profile. When DOC mode is enabled, this function is enabled by default. When word wrap is enabled, the Word Wrap indicator is displayed in position 71 in the OIA.

When word wrap is enabled, a word that is being typed at the right margin is moved in its entirety to the first unprotected field in the next row, assuming that the unprotected field has enough left side blank space (spaces and nulls) to contain the word. The vacated area on the previous row is filled with spaces. See the following examples.

When word wrap is disabled:
Look in the diction
ary, please.
When word wrap is enabled:
Look in the
dictionary, please.

If the unprotected field does not have sufficient blank space at the left, then the word is not moved (same as when word wrap is disabled).