Printing to Disk

If you are using a PDT, you can save a host print-job or the contents of the session window (Print Screen) to a workstation file instead of printing it.

Two types of Print-to-Disk function are provided by Z and I Emulator for Windows:
Print-to-Disk Append
Appends multiple host print jobs or print screen jobs to a single workstation file.
Print-to-Disk Separate
Saves each host-print job or screen to a separate workstation file. You can specify the file name, but the extension is automatically assigned as a decimal number from 000 to 999. If you delete a file, its number will be re-used. When all 999 numbers have been used, the extension is automatically assigned a decimal number from 1000 to 9999.
  1. Print-to-Disk is not available for the Print-Graphics function.
  2. Print-to-Disk can be used only when you use a printer definition table (PDT) file.
To set up Print-to-Disk:
  1. Click File → Printer Setup from the menu bar in the session window.

    The Printer Setup window lists the supported printers.

  2. Select Print to Disk Append or Print to Disk Separate from the list box.
  3. Click Select PDT.

    The Select PDT file window opens.

  4. Select a PDT file from the list; then click OK.

    The Printer Setup window reopens.

  5. Click Setup.

    The Select Print-to-Disk File window opens.

  6. Specify a file name, drive, and path; then click OK.
    Note: If you specify the name of an existing file, subsequent print jobs are appended to the data in the original file in the case of Print to Disk Append.