4. PCSXFER041 timeout during Z and I Emulator for Windows file transfer TSO session

Three situations might cause a timeout at the Z and I Emulator for Windows client and a solution is provided for each case.

CUT mode transfer

By default, Z and I Emulator for Windows uses DFT mode for transfers to and from a TSO host. When using Dial to connect to TSO, the host might be configured to do the transfer in CUT mode, while Z and I Emulator for Windows is still in DFT mode.

You can modify the workstation profile that you use to dial the TSO session. To manually change the DFT/CUT setting, add the following case-sensitive line to the Transfer stanza of the workstation file:

You can also change the LU description on the zSeries host. Change the VTAM BIND image so that the Write Structured Field query support bit is set in the PSERVIC. Refer to the VTAM documentation for more information.

Using \FT trigger in SuperSession Manager

If you encounter the timeout problem when using Supersession, you can use the \FT trigger before logon. This can be applied on an individual user and session basis.

The \FT trigger invokes the file transfer script KLSXFER, which enables query passthru. It also inhibits immediate broadcasts and session locking.

Document mode and Word Wrap mode

If Document mode or Word Wrap mode is enabled, the file transfer will fail. If you have a key mapped to toggle this feature on or off, turn it off before initiating the file transfer. If you want to disable this feature, change the following case-sensitive line in the ENTRYASSIST stanza of the workstation file: