Selecting Files to Receive

For ASCII host file transfer, select the file to receive on the host system.

Follow these steps to receive one or more files from an ASCII host:
  1. Prepare the host system. The exact method of preparation, including selection of file names, depends on the kind of host system to which you are connected. Contact your host-system administrator for details.
    Note: The host system must support one of two protocols: XMODEM or YMODEM.
  2. Click Edit → Preference → Transfer to display the Transfer Preferences window. Select the type of protocol you want to use from the drop-down list box on the property page with the General tab.
  3. In the Default PC Directory field, type the workstation directory where the file or files should be sent; or, click the Browse button to open a dialog and select the directory.
  4. To change the transfer parameter defaults for the protocol you selected, click the tab to display the property page for the selected modem protocol.
  5. When all preferences have been set, click OK.
  6. Click Receive File from Host from the Actions menu. The Receive File from Host window appears.
  7. For XMODEM and XMODEM1K, click the Browse button to open a dialog and select a personal computer file name or names, or enter the names in the PC File entry field. The transfer type is automatically generated and appears in the Transfer Type entry-field.
  8. For YMODEM and YMODEMG, select the transfer type and click the Browse button to open a dialog and change the directory, if you desire.
  9. Click the Receive button to display the Receive Files Status window and start the transfer.