OIA Line Display Messages

During VT emulation, messages unique to VT can appear in certain columns of the OIA line. These columns display only VT messages, and do not display any of the messages that would appear there in 3270 or 5250 mode. Table 1 shows the meaning of each VT-specific message. Columns that are not mentioned in the table show messages common to all Z and I Emulator for Windows modes.

Table 1. OIA Line Display Messages (VT only)
Columns Message Meaning
1 through 7 VT340 7 Machine mode is VT340, seven-bit control.
VT340 8 Machine mode is VT340, eight-bit control.
VT100 Machine mode is VT100.
VT52 Machine mode is VT52.
VTANSI Machine mode is VTANSI.
9 through 12 LOCK Keyboard is locked.
30 through 39 OVERSTRIKE New characters replace the character at the cursor position in Local Edit mode.
  INSERT New characters move characters in page memory to the right in Local Edit mode.
61 through 64 HOLD Screen is in hold mode.
66 through 69 EDIT Local Edit mode is enabled.
71 through 72 Pn (n=1 through 6) Current page number.