Compose Key

The VT emulator supports the VT340 compose key for generating special characters on the display. Before using the compose key, define a key combination that represents it.

Using the compose key involves three separate actions:
  1. Press and release the compose key.
  2. Press and release the first character (see Table 1).
  3. Press and release the second character.
The first and second characters may be typed in either order, except when the table specifies that they must be entered as shown,
Table 1 shows the appearance and name of each special character, the character pair that generates the character, and an indication whether the order of entering the characters is significant.
Table 1. Character Generation (Special Characters)
Generated Character Compose Key, Plus This Pair
Appearance Description First Second Order
Á A acute A ' either
á a acute a ' either
 A circumflex A ^ either
â a circumflex a ^ either
À A grave A ˋ either
à a grave a ˋ either
Å A ring A * either
A ° either
å a ring a * either
a ° either
à A tilde A ~ either
ã a tilde a ~ either
Ä A umlaut A " either
ä a umlaut a " either
Æ AE ligature A E as shown
æ ae ligature a e as shown
´ apostrophe ' space either
@ at sign a a either
A A either
\ backslash / / either
\ backslash / < either
Ç C cedilla C , either
ç c cedilla c , either
¢ cent sign c / either
C / either
c | either
C | either
^ circumflex accent ^ space either
} close brace ) - either
] close bracket ) ) either
» close French quote > > either
@ commercial at a a either
A A either
© copyright mark c o either
C O either
c 0 either
C 0 either
° degree sign 0 ^ either
° space either
# space either
É E acute E ' either
é e acute e ' either
Ê E circumflex E ^ either
ê e circumflex e ^ either
È E grave E ˋ either
è e grave e ˋ either
Ë E umlaut E " either
ë e umlaut e " either
a feminine ordinal indicator a _ either
A _ either
½ fraction one-half 1 2 as shown
¼ fraction one-quarter 1 4 as shown
ß German ess-tset s s either
micro or mu
Greek mu / u as shown
/ U as shown
» guillemets, closing > > either
« guillemets, opening < < either
Í I acute I ' either
í i acute i ' either
Î I circumflex I ^ either
î i circumflex i ^ either
Ì I grave I ˋ either
ì i grave i ˋ either
Ï I umlaut I " either
ï i umlaut i " either
¡ inverted exclamation ! ! either
inverted question mark
inverted question mark ? ? either
o masculine ordinal indicator o _ either
O _ either
micro or mu
micro sign / u as shown
/ U as shown
middle dot
middle dot . ^ either
Ñ N tilde N ~ either
ñ n tilde n ~ either
# number sign + + either
Ó O acute O ' either
ó o acute o ' either
Ô O circumflex O ^ either
ô o circumflex o ^ either
Ò O grave O ˋ either
ò o grave o ˋ either
Ø O slash O / either
ø o slash o / either
Õ O tilde O ~ either
õ o tilde o ~ either
Ö O umlaut O " either
ö o umlaut o " either
capital oe ligature
OE ligature O E as shown
oe ligature
oe ligature o e as shown
{ open brace ( - either
[ open bracket ( ( either
« open French quote < < either
paragraph sign p ! either
± plus-or-minus sign + - either
£ pound sterling sign l - either
L - either
l = either
L = either
" quotation mark " space either
§ section sign s o either
S O either
s ! either
S ! either
s 0 either
S 0 either
' single quote ' space either
ß ss German s s either
¹ superscript 1 1 ^ either
² superscript 2 2 ^ either
³ superscript 3 3 ^ either
~ tilde ~ space either
Ú U acute U ' either
ú u acute u ' either
Û U circumflex U ^ either
û u circumflex u ^ either
Ù U grave U ˋ either
ù u grave u ˋ either
Ü U umlaut U " either
ü u umlaut u " either
| vertical line / ^ either
capital y umlaut
Y umlaut Y " either
ÿ y umlaut y " either
¥ yen sign y - either
Y - either
y = either
Y = either