Optional Parameters

These parameters correspond to setup choices on a VT340 terminal.
Reverse Screen Image
Check this box to reverse the foreground and background colors.
User Feature Lock
Check this box to lock the following functions so that the host cannot change them.
  • Auto Repeat
  • Keyboard Lock
  • Reversed Screen Image
  • Tab Stops
Auto Wrap
Check this box if you want the VT emulator to start a new line whenever the current row of characters reaches the end of line.
Auto-Answer Back Message
Check this box if you want the VT emulator to send a message automatically to the host, once a connection has been established.
Move Cursor on Mouse Click
Select this option if you want the cursor to move when you click the left mouse button in the session window presentation space.
Answer Back Message
Enter the message, which is a maximum of 31 characters, to send to the host when communication is established.
If you check this box, your answerback message is not displayed in the configuration window. After you conceal your message, the Conceal box has no effect, and the message remains concealed until it is changed.
User Defined Key Lock
Check this box to lock user-defined keys. For example, you can select User Defined Key Lock and define the values of the F6 to F20 keys. These keys are then locked with those values and cannot be redefined by the host.
Transparent Mode
Check this box to cause the VT emulator to display control characters rather than interpreting them.
The attributes of the selected model are sent to the host computer. Choose one of the following: VT100 ID, VT101 ID, VT102 ID, VT220 ID, VT240 ID, VT320 ID, or VT340 ID.
History Logging
When this option is enabled, text is logged into the VT history window as it scrolls off the screen from the top margin row. The top and bottom margins are set when the host application defines the scrolling region.
History Logging Buffer Size
Use this list to select one of the available sizes for the history log buffer. The choices are 16KB, 32KB, 64KB, 128KB, and 512KB. The default is 64KB.
History Logging – Enhanced
Data erased due to the Erase in Display command is scrolled into the history window. See Enhanced History Logging for more information.