Customizing the VT over Telnet Attachment

  1. Click Communication from the WorkStation-window menu bar.
  2. Click Configure from the Communication menu.

    The Customize Communication window opens.

  3. Select the ASCII host and then select the LAN or COM Port interface.

    The available attachments appear.

  4. Select VT over Telnet attachment.
  5. Click Session Parameters.

    The Session Parameters — ASCII Host window opens.

  6. Set the Session Parameters (see Session Parameters).
  7. Click Link Parameters.

    The TelnetASCII window opens.

  8. Enter the host name or IP address.
  9. Optionally enter the port number, change the terminal ID, or select the Auto-reconnect check box.
  10. Click OK until the Customize Communication window closes.

    Customization is complete.