Errors When Transferring Data from No-Conversion Files

When you transfer data from a workstation no-conversion file to a system file, the following errors can occur:
  • Data sizes are not equal. When you transfer no-conversion files, the length and decimal position specifications for the system and the workstation must match exactly. If not, no records transfer.
  • Data in this field is too short for system field. The data is padded. This error occurs when the workstation file contains character or hexadecimal data shorter than the field length specified for the system file. This could occur if the data in the last record of the file is too short. Character fields are padded on the right with EBCDIC spaces. Hexadecimal fields are padded with zeros.
  • Data in this field is incorrect or does not match the workstation data type. The transfer request ends to prevent transferring incorrect data to the system file. This error occurs when a field defined by the file descriptions as numeric contains nonnumeric data.
    Note: The data is verified assuming that the data is in EBCDIC format. If you want to transfer data in another format, do not use data definitions or file descriptions, and specify the record lengths defined on the system and the workstation in the same way.
  • Data for this field is missing. The default values are used. This error occurs when a data field has been defined, but the data is not in the file. This error can occur only in the last record of the file, since no-conversion files have no explicit record delimiters.

    When this error occurs, the field or fields for which data has been defined but not found fill with default values and transfer to the system file. These default values are EBCDIC spaces for character fields, or zeros for numeric fields.

    To supply your own default values, use the default (DFT) keyword in the DDS for the file.