This item is always required. It specifies the field to be transferred or the function that indicates the type of summary information to be transferred.

The field to be specified must have been defined in the record format specified in FROM.

To transfer all the fields in the specified record, specify an asterisk (*) in this input field. (Specifying an asterisk causes all fields in the record to be transferred.)
Note: Up to 256 fields can be transferred. When more than 256 fields have been defined in a file, an asterisk cannot be used. In this case, specify the names by selecting the fields to be transferred.
To transfer fields by selecting from a record, enter the field names in the order in which the fields are arranged. One or more blanks can be placed between the field names to improve readability. However, the names must be delimited by commas, as follows:
You can also specify:

When records are transferred from an iSeries, eServer™ i5, or System i5® source file, specifying an asterisk (*) causes all fields in the file to be transferred, with the exception of the order number field and date field. (To transfer all the fields, including the order number field and date field, specify all the field names, including each data field name.)

A field can be specified repeatedly as required. However, bear in mind that no more than 256 fields can be selected. A list of field names can be displayed by selecting Browse.