Conversion Errors That Can Occur during Transfer

Upon executing a transfer request, a file-description file (when specified) is read from the disk or diskette to be processed. The iSeries, eServer™ i5, or System i5® and workstation exchange information, if the data is transferable.

The workstation transfers records, one at a time, from the file specified in FROM. Transferred records are converted and stored in the iSeries, eServer i5, or System i5 member specified in TO.

During this conversion process, conversion errors might occur. For example, the values in a workstation file might have to be rounded to fit the iSeries, eServer i5, or System i5 fields. Another example is the case where the record length of a workstation file differs from that expected by the iSeries, eServer i5, or System i5.

If such an error occurs, an error message is issued with the number of the workstation file record for which the error occurred and, sometimes, information about certain fields in that record.

If a severe error occurs, data transfer might stop. In such a case, stop the transfer request, correct the error, then rerun the transfer request.

When the error is not so severe, you can request that the system continue transferring data. By doing so, even if the same error occurs in another record, an error message does not appear and the transfer function automatically continues executing the transfer request.