Inactivity Timeout for Communication Links

The Inactivity Timeout automatically disconnects a link after it has been idle for a specified length of time. Its purpose is to avoid excessive charges on dial-up links, such as switched-line connections . Inactivity Timeout is not recommended for other types of connections.

To enable Inactivity Timeout, add the following statement to the PU section of your workstation profile (.WS file):

The value xxx, in the range 1 to 999, is the number of minutes a link remains connected when there is no activity over it. The default value, InactiveTimeout=0, disables Inactivity Timeout.

Note: The Inactivity Timeout function monitors only attention keys (that is, the Enter, Clear, and PFx keys). It is recommended that you set a comparably longer value for xxx if, for example, you expect to key in large amounts of data on the screen before pressing the Enter key.