Information Bundler

The Z and I Emulator for Windows Information Bundler utility gathers system files, trace and log files, and registry information into a .ZIP file. This file can be sent to support personnel, using the Internet Service utility. The Information Bundler should be executed immediately after the trace is complete to ensure that the correct information is gathered.

Start Information Bundler using one of the following methods:
  • Click Administrative and PD Aids → Information Bundler from the Z and I Emulator for Windows program menu.
  • In an active emulator session, click Actions → Launch → Information Bundler from the menu bar.

The X12345.ZIP file is created in the Z and I Emulator for Windows system-class application data directory. This file contains system and Z and I Emulator for Windows information. Refer to the installation documentation for the location of the system-class application data directory for each Windows operating system.

NOTE : Information Bundler utility requires dotnet version 4.6.1 to work.