Data Transfer Program

PC400 data transfer is classified into two types, depending on the direction of the transfer:
  • Transferring data from the workstation to the iSeries, eServer™ i5, or System i5® is called data sending.
  • Transferring data from the iSeries, eServer i5, or System i5 to the workstation is called data receiving.
Data transfer can also be classified according to how the program is started, as follows:
  • Data is transferred by interactively entering information such as what data is transferred from which file to which file on the screen. In this case, the interactive screen for sending is called the PC→iSeries Transfer window, and that for receiving is called the iSeries→PC Transfer window.
  • Data is transferred according to the information that has already been registered. The interactive screen is not necessary. This is called the automatic transfer of data.

In both cases, data transfer is performed by PCSFT5.EXE on the workstation and by the PC Support/400 transfer program on the iSeries, eServer i5, or System i5.

The Data Transfer icon is registered in the PC400 folder by installing PC400. Double-clicking on this icon displays the iSeries→PC Transfer window (for receiving). This icon includes:
   \Z and I Emulator for Windows\PCSFT5.EXE
The PC→iSeries Transfer window (for sending) opens when the registered contents are changed as follows:
   \Z and I Emulator for Windows\PCSFT5.EXE

The iSeries→PC Transfer and PC→iSeries Transfer windows have a Switch to SEND button and Switch to RECEIVE button, respectively. By clicking either of these buttons, the window for sending can be switched to the window for receiving, and vice versa.

To perform automatic transfer, you must create transfer information, using the interactive screen window, and then save the information. You can then perform data transfer automatically by specifying the file name in which the data was saved.

For example, if you save transfer information to file TENSOU.TTO, contained in directory C:\Z and I Emulator for Windows\PRIVATE, run automatic transfer as follows:
“C:\Z and I Emulator for Windows\PCSFT5.EXE” “C:\Z and I Emulator for Windows\PRIVATE\TENSOU.TTO”

When you save the transfer information, register it as an icon in the PC400 folder. You can then transfer data automatically simply by double-clicking on this icon.