Default Key Functions for a 5250 Layout

Table 1 shows the default key functions for iSeries, eServer™ i5, or System i5®. The key used is the same for all the supported keyboard types.
  1. If you use iSeries from the combined package, see Default Key Functions for the Combined Package.
  2. The default key functions for a 5250 layout are not available by default. To make these functions available, perform the procedures in Setting the 5250 Keyboard Layout Default.
Table 1. Default Key Functions for a 5250 Layout
Function of Key Key
Alternate Cursor Ctrl+F11
Attention Esc
Backspace ◄─ (Backspace)
Backtab Shift+─►|
Backtab Word Alt+←
Begin Bold* Ctrl+B
Begin of line* Ctrl+4(pad)
Begin Underscore* Ctrl+U
Bottom of Page* Ctrl+2(pad)
Carrier Return

Ctrl+Enter or
Ctrl+-(pad) or

Center Text* Ctrl+C
Clear Pause
Cursor Blink Ctrl+F10
Cursor Down ↓ or 2(pad)
Cursor Left ← or 4(pad)
Cursor Right → or 6(pad)
Cursor Up ↑ or 8(pad)
Delete Character Delete or .(pad)
Delete Word

Ctrl+Delete or

Display Text Code Alt+Insert
Dup Shift+Insert
Edit Copy Ctrl+Insert
Edit Cut Shift+Delete
Edit Paste

Shift+PageDown or

Edit Undo Alt+◄─ (Backspace)
End Bold/Underscore* Ctrl+J
End of line* Ctrl+6(pad)
End of page* Ctrl+P
Enter/Control Right Ctrl
Erase EOF End or 1(pad)
Erase Input Alt+End
Fast Cursor Down

Alt+↓ or

Fast Cursor Up

Alt+↑ or

Field Exit

Enter(pad) or
◄┘ (Enter)

Field Mark Shift+Home
Field Minus (-) -(pad)
Field Plus (+) +(pad)
Half Index Down* Ctrl+H
Half Index Up* Ctrl+Y
Help Alt+F1
Home Home or 7(pad)
Host Print Ctrl+Pause

Insert or

Insert Symbol* Ctrl+A
Jump Next Alt+PageUp
Mark Down Shift+↓
Mark Left Shift+←
Mark Right Shift+→
Mark Up Shift+↑
Move Mark Down Ctrl+↓
Move Mark Left Ctrl+←
Move Mark Right Ctrl+→
Move Mark Up Ctrl+↑
Next Column* Ctrl+D
Next Stop* Ctrl+N
Pause Ctrl+F7
PF1 to PF12 F1 to F12
PF13 to PF24 Shift+F1 to F12
Play Ctrl+F6
Quit Alt+Left Ctrl
Record Ctrl+F5
Required Backspace Ctrl+◄─ (Backspace)
Required Space* Ctrl+Space
Required Tab* Ctrl+─►|
Reset/Control Left Ctrl
Roll Down 9(pad) or PageUp
Roll Up 3(pad) or PageDown
Rule Ctrl+Home
Stop Code* Ctrl+S
System Request Shift+Esc
Tab Field ─►|
Tab Word Alt+→
Test Request Alt+Pause
Top of Page* Ctrl+8(pad)
Word Underscore* Ctrl+W
Indicates a key on the numeric keypad.
Indicates a Text Assist Key (SBCS only).