Default Key Functions for a 3270 Layout

Table 1 shows the default key functions for PC/3270. The key used is the same for all the supported keyboard types.

Table 1. Default Key Functions for a 3270 Layout
Function of Key Key
APL Ctrl+F8
Attention Esc
Alternate Cursor Alt+F11
Backspace ◄─ (Backspace)
Back Tab Shift+─►|
Back Tab Word Alt+←
Break Break
Change Format Toggle Alt+F3
Change Screen Ctrl+PageUp
Clear Pause
Cursor Blink Ctrl+F10
Cursor Down ↓ or 2(pad)
Cursor Left ← or 4(pad)
Cursor Right → or 6(pad)
Cursor Select Ctrl+F9
Cursor Up ↑ or 8(pad)
Delete Character

Delete or

Delete Word

Ctrl+Delete or

Document Mode Toggle Alt+F1
Dup Shift+Insert²
Edit Copy Ctrl+Insert
Edit Cut Shift+Delete
Edit Paste

Shift+PageDown or

Edit Undo Alt+◄─ (Backspace)
End Field Pad End
Enter/Control Shift+Ctrl
Erase EOF End²
Erase Field Shift+End²
Erase Input Alt+End²
Fast Cursor Down

Alt+↓ or

Fast Cursor Up

Alt+↑ or

Field Mark Shift+Home²
Graphic Cursor Alt+F12
Highlighting Field Inherit Alt+3(pad)
Highlighting Reverse Alt+*(pad)
Highlighting Underscore Alt+6(pad)
Home Home or 7(pad)
Insert Insert or 0(pad)
Jump Next Alt+PageUp
Mark Down Shift+↓
Mark Left Shift+←
Mark Right Shift+→
Mark Up Shift+↑
Move Mark Down

Ctrl+↓ or

Move Mark Left

Ctrl+← or

Move Mark Right

Ctrl+→ or

Move Mark Up

Ctrl+↑ or

PA1 Alt+Insert²
PA2 Alt+Home²
PA3 Shift+PageUp²
Pause Ctrl+F7
PF1 to PF12 F1 to F12
PF13 to PF24 Shift+F1 to F12
Play Ctrl+F6
Print (Local Copy) Not assigned
Quit (Device Cancel) Alt+Left Ctrl
Record Ctrl+F5
Reset/Control Left Ctrl
Response Time Monitor Ctrl+F11
Rule Ctrl+Home
Sys Request Shift+Esc
Tab Field ─►| or Shift+─►|(pad)
Tab Word Alt+→
Test Ctrl+PageDown
Word Wrap Toggle Alt+F2
Indicates the key on the main keyboard.
Indicates a key on the numeric keypad.
Note: The Enhanced keyboard has some duplicated keys. The functions of the duplicated keys are the same except when you specify a single key. For example, Del means any Delete key, whereas Pad Del specifies only the Delete key on the numeric keypad.