Defining Transfer Types

Transfer types define the option information used for controlling file transfer. Up to 32 transfer types can be defined for each host system. The original default types are: delete (deletes a file on abort), over (overwrites existing files) and none (does not delete on abort, and does not overwrite).

To add or change transfer types:
  1. Click Edit → Preference → Transfer.
  2. Click the tab for the modem protocol you have selected. The items that appear depend on the selected host system.
  3. Enter transfer-type names in the Transfer-Type text box, or select them from the drop-down list.
  4. To add or replace a transfer type, click Save. To delete a transfer type, click Delete.
  5. Depending on the transfer type, select one of the following file receive options:
    Delete File on Abort
    With this option, if a file transfer is aborted then the incompletely received file is automatically deleted.
    Overwrite Existing File
    With this option, any existing file with the same name as the incoming file is overwritten.
    If you do not select this option, then a new name is given to the incoming file, according to the following scheme:
    Existing file: EXAMPLE.TXT
    First contender becomes: EXAMPLE.TX1
    Second contender: EXAMPLE.TX2
    Tenth contender: EXAMPLE.T10
    Hundredth contender: EXAMPLE.100
    999th contender: EXAMPLE.999
  6. Click OK.

These options are independent of each other.