Creating List Files

To create a list file:
  1. Select Receive File from Host from the Actions menu or Send File to Host from the Actions menu of the session window; or click the Send or Receive buttons on the tool bar.

    The corresponding window opens.

  2. Select a file to be transferred from the Host-File Name or PC-File Name list box by pointing to the name of a file to be selected. While holding down the Ctrl key, click the left mouse button.

    The file name, its corresponding workstation or host file name (according to the available templates), and the transfer type appear in the Transfer List part of the window.

    Note: You can also click the Browse button (for sending files) or the Clipboard button (for receiving files) to open the corresponding dialog box, which allows you to select files for transferring; when you click OK, the selected files are shown in the Transfer List.
  3. Click the Add to List button to include a selected file in the Transfer List.
  4. After all desired files have been selected, click Save List.

    The Save File-Transfer List File As window opens.

  5. Enter or select a list name, and click OK.