Sample Programs

Several sample programs are provided, each of which illustrates the use of one of the Z and I Emulator for Windows APIs. If you choose to install the sample programs, they will be installed in the \SAMPLES directory.
Note: International Business Machines Corporation provides these files as is, without warranty of any kind, either express or implied, including, but not limited to, the implied warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose.
The sample program files include source and supporting files for the following Z and I Emulator for Windows APIs:
  • Emulator High-Level Language Programming Interface (EHLLAPI)
  • PCSAPI Functions
The following files are installed in the \SAMPLES directory.
Table 1. Sample Program Files
File Name Description
EHLAPI32.H IBM® standard 32-bit EHLLAPI include file
WHLLAPI.H WinHLLAPI 16-bit include file
HAPI_C.H EHLLAPI include file
PCSAPI.H PCSAPI include file
PCSCALLS.LIB Import library for standard interface
PCSCAL32.LIB Import library for enhanced interface
EHLAPI32.LIB Import library for IBM Standard 32-bit EHLLAPI interface
WHLLAPI.LIB Import library for WinHLLAPI 16-bit interface
WHLAPI32.LIB Import library for WinHLLAPI 32-bit interface
The following subdirectories are created in the \SAMPLES directory.
Table 2. Sample Program Subdirectories
File Name Description
DDXFER Shows how EHLLAPI can be used to create a "Drag and Drop" application; in this case, for file transfer
ECL HACL sample files
HLLSMP Shows how to use EHLLAPI to request a keystroke and log on to a VM system
PCSMAIN Illustrates the use of PCSAPI to start and stop sessions, query the session status, and query the profile for the session