PC/3270 OIA Group Indicator Meanings and Its Image

The OIA image group consists of an 80-byte ASCII character string with no attribute bytes that contains the OIA image in host code points. Figure 1 shows the hexadecimal codes found in the host presentation space, and the characters they represent. The returned data can be translated into OIA graphics characters. Refer to Quick Beginnings for information on the OIA indicators.

To translate the returned data into OIA graphics characters, proceed as follows:
  1. Print the data returned in bytes 2 through 81 to the screen or to a printer.
  2. Using the code page chart applicable to the device on which the output appears, find the hexadecimal value corresponding to each character.
  3. Using Figure 1, find the OIA graphics character corresponding to each hexadecimal value found in step 2.
Note: Group 8 (byte 0) machine, communications, and program check images are followed by a three-digit number related to the type of check.

The short session ID followed by X'20' is in column 7.

All group images are represented by Main Frame Interactive (MFI) hex code points.
Note: The OIA image data string position minus 1 position equals the OIA column.
Figure 1. Host Presentation Space Characters