Copy Presentation Space to Clipboard (35)

3270 5250 VT
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The Copy Presentation Space to Clipboard function is used to copy all or part of the host-connected presentation space into clipboard. The input PS position is the offset into the host presentation space. This offset is based on a layout in which the upper-left corner (row 1/column 1) is location 1 and the bottom-right corner is 3564, which is the maximum screen size for the host presentation space. The value of PS Position + (Length – 1) cannot exceed the configured size of your host presentation space.

The Copy Presentation Space to Clipboard translates the characters in the host source presentation space into ASCII. Attribute bytes and other characters not represented in ASCII normally are translated into blanks. If you do not want the attribute bytes translated into blanks, you can override this translation with the ATTRB option under the Set Sesssion Parameters (9) function.