Write Structured Fields (127)

3270 5250 VT
Yes No No

The Write Structured Fields function allows an application to write structured field data to the host application. If the call specifies S (for Synchronous), the application does not receive control until the Write Structured Fields function is completed. If the call specifies A (for Asynchronous), the application receives control immediately after the call. If the call specifies M, the application receives control immediately after the call. The application may wait for the message. In any case (S, A or M), the application provides the buffer address in which data to the host is to be placed.

For a successful asynchronous completion of this function, the following statements apply:

The return code field in the parameter list might not contain the results of the requested I/O. If the return code is not 0, then the request failed. The application must take the appropriate action based on the return code.

If the return code for this request is 0, the application must use the request ID returned with this function call to issue the Get Request Completion function call to determine the completion results of the function associated with the request ID. The Get Request Completion function call returns the following information:
  1. Function request ID
  2. Address of the data string from the asynchronous request
  3. Length of the data string
  4. Return code of the completed function