Call Parameters

  Standard Interface Enhanced Interface
Function Number Must be 106
Data String See the following table
Length Must be specified (See note.) Must be 68
PS Position NA
Note: The data string length must be specified (normally 3–63 for PC/3270, 4–63 for PC400, 68 for enhanced interface).

The calling data string can contain:

Byte Definition
Standard Enhanced  
1 1 A 1-character presentation space short name (PSID)
2–4 Reserved
2 5 A change request option value, select one of:
  • X'01' for changing the presentation space window name.
  • X'02' for resetting the presentation space window name.
3–63 6–66 An ASCII string of from 1 (for PC/3270) or 2 (for PC400) to 61 bytes including a terminator byte. The ASCII string must end with a NULL character. This string must contain at least one non-NULL character followed by a NULL character.
67–68 Reserved