Optional Parameters

All parameters shown in the base part of the query reply and the direct access self-defining parameter must be present.

The format of the Product-Defined query reply is as follows:

Table 1. IBM Product-Defined Query Reply Base Format
Offset Length Content Meaning
0–1 1 word Length Length of structure (includes self-defining parameters)
2 1 byte X'81' Query reply ID
3 1 byte X'9C' IBM product-defined data stream
4–5 2 bytes FLAGS Reserved
6 1 byte REFID Reference identifier
7 1 byte SSID Subset identifier
8 1 byte X'04' Parameter length
9 1 byte X'01' Direct access
10–11 1 word DOID Destination/origin ID assigned by the subsystem

Valid values for REFID (offset 6) and SSID (offset 7) of the Product-Defined query reply are as follows:

Table 2. Valid REFID and SSID Values for the IBM Product-Defined Query Reply
REFID SSID Product and Data Stream Documentation
X'01'   5080 Graphics System:

This reference ID indicates the 5080 Graphics System data stream is supported by the auxiliary device. Descriptions of the 5080 Graphics Architecture, structured field, subset ID, DOID, and associated function sets are defined in IBM 5080 Graphics System Principles of Operation

  X'01' X'02' 5080 HGFD Graphics Subset 5080 RS232 Ports Subset
X'02'   WHIP API (replaced by SRL name when written)

This reference ID indicates that the WHIP API data stream is supported by the auxiliary device. A description of the WHIP API architecture is defined in IBM RT PC Workstation Host Interface Program Version 1.1 User's Guide and Reference Manual

  X'01' WHIP Subset 1
X'03' to X'FF'   All other values are reserved.

The IBM product-defined processor supports only the direct access self-defining parameter. It is defined in Table 1.