PCLK Protocol Controls Self-Defining Parameter

The presence of the PCLK protocol controls self-defining parameter indicates that the PCLK protocol controls structured field, ID = X'1013', can be used for both inbound and outbound in data streams destined to or from the IBM auxiliary device processor.

Table 1. IBM Auxiliary Device PCLK Self-Defining Parameter
Offset Length Content Meaning
0 1 byte X'04' Parameter length
1 1 byte X'03' PCLK protocol controls
2–3 2 bytes VERS Protocol version
The value given in VERS is used to indicate the versions of PCLK installed in the terminal at the time the query reply is returned. For example, X'0001' indicates PCLK version 1.1.

Refer to IBM 3270 Information Display System Data Stream Programmer's Reference for the field definitions for this query reply.