DDM Application Name Self-Defining Parameter

The DDM application name self-defining parameter provides the host application with the name of the application containing control of the DDM auxiliary device. The controlling application is identified by the DOID in the Direct Access self-defining parameter.

This self-defining parameter is optional, but it is necessary if a host application is to identify a distinct DDM auxiliary device when more than one application is in existence at a remote workstation.

Table 1. DDM Application Name Self-Defining Parameter
Offset Length Content Meaning
0 1 byte Length Parameter length
1 1 byte X'02' DDM application name
2–n n-2 bytes NAME Name of the remote application program
The name consists of 8 characters or less and is the means by which a host application can relate to an application in a remote workstation. It is the responsibility of the host and remote application users to ensure that the name is understood by the application at each end.