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The pcsSetPageSettings function sets the host session page settings. This is similar to configuring the File → Page Setup dialog settings. Only the settings in the Text tab are supported.

  1. CPI, LPI, and FontSize are dependent on the FaceName configured in the host session. If this API is used to set CPI, LPI, FontSize, and FaceName together, FaceName is set first, then the dependent properties.
  2. If this API is used to set FaceName and the dependent properties in separate invocations, set FaceName first, then set CPI, LPI and FontSize. Otherwise, each time FaceName is set, query CPI, LPI and FontSize and ensure that they have the desired values.
  3. If CPI, LPI, or FontSize are set before FaceName, then different values for CPI, LPI, or FontSize might be configured in the host session. This might occur if the current CPI, LPI, or FontSize values are not valid for the new FaceName set.