Notes on Using This Function

  1. The EHLLAPI obtains a buffer from the operating system memory management and places the buffer address into the return parameter string. The requested buffer size (length) is also passed in the parameter string. The buffer size can be from 1 byte to 64 KB minus 256 bytes (X'FF00' bytes) in length.

    See "Query Communications Buffer Size (122)" for information regarding buffer size.

  2. Buffers obtained using this function must not be shared among different processes. If this is attempted, the applications will experience unpredictable results.
  3. An EHLLAPI application must issue a Free Communications Buffer (124) function to free the allocated memory.
  4. A maximum of 10 buffers can be allocated to an application. If this limit is reached, a return code for resource unavailable (RC=11) will be returned.
  5. The Reset System (21) function frees buffers allocated by this function.