Return Parameters

Return Code
Total number of Z and I Emulator for Windows sessions. This may be greater than or less than the Count parameter.
The array of SESSINFO structures is filled with information about the host sessions. Sessions may be placed in the list in any order. Each SESSINFO structure contains the following fields (defined in PCSAPI32.H)
A union of char and ULONG which contains the session ID (A–Z). In the current implementation of Z and I Emulator for Windows, only the lower byte (char) is used, the other bytes are returned as zero.
A combination of bit flags which indicate the current status of the session. The flags (PCS_SESSION_*) are defined in the following table.

The status value should be processed bit-significantly, that is, by either one of the following values or an ORed value out of the following values:

Return Code Meaning
PCS_SESSION_STARTED The session is running. If this flag is not set, all others are undefined.
PCS_SESSION_ONLINE The session has established a communications link to the host (this is, the session is connected).
PCS_SESSION_API_ENABLED The session is enabled for programming APIs. If this flag is not set, the EHLLAPI and Host Access Class Library APIs cannot be used on this session.